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Define “tension”

ten•sion / ‘tenShen / noun

1. the state of being stretched tight

2. mental or emotional strain

When I’m stressed, this definition is SO me . I can totally feel when I’m in the state of being stretched tight & under mental or emotional strain.

I bet you can too. We feel it coming on & unless we make a CHANGE to stop it’s progression, it’s going to keep getting worse.

I find that when I feel tension, I hold it in the base of my skull, my neck & between my shoulder blades.

And that’s right where my Game Changer pack is most effective. I warm it up & drape it across my shoulders & around my neck. It’s so big that it covers that entire area, & brings me comfort, relaxation & tension relief!

It’s totally a GAME CHANGER! 😉

Do you experience this ever? Where do you tend to hold tension?

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