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Celebrate Summer with a Fruit Picnic Party!! We invited some friends over, served up cold, delicious fresh fruit, turned the hose on & splashed in the kiddie pool!

It doesn’t take much to make a hot summer day feel EXTRA! My sweet Mommy friend, Christina Hinnant of Photography Blu, wanted to get our kids together & she had watermelon on the brain! My little Emma (3) was ALL IN, as her favorite food is watermelon. Christina snapped away while the kids snacked & played!

I went to Walmart to pick up a new water toy & saw some great looking watermelons for just $4! Since I was near their produce section, I took a twirl around & found the most beautiful strawberries (quart for $4), a big bag of green grapes ($2.50), & on a whim I grabbed a pretty pineapple ($2.50). What a gorgeous spread! These kids feasted like little fruit kings and queens, and all for under $15!

The watermelon spent the night in our outdoor kitchen mini fridge so it would be super cold & refreshing. After all, is there anything better than a sweet, COLD, juicy watermelon? I think not. We quartered the watermelon lengthwise and cut it into easy to hold wedges so the kids could grab it & go. The pineapple was cut the same way but we just sliced the fruit away from the rind & left the triangles in the pineapple “boat” to grab. The big strawberries were washed as were the grapes, which we just laid out in one big bunch so they could pull them off the stems for fun.

You should have seen how big their eyes were when I brought out the pretty tray piled high with fruit! There was SO MUCH fruit that I filled 2 trays & ended up bringing the second one out as well. Between the 7 kiddos and us mamas, there was very little left!

Ok, I know what you’re thinking –

That’s a LOT of details about putting together a FRUIT TRAY.

But seriously, how easy was that? Minimum effort - I hadn’t even planned on buying all that fruit, for maximum impact - the kids thought it was the greatest day ever! Then we just filled the kiddie pool (that was 2 years old & covered in patches of duct tape) with some water & hooked up the hose to the new sprinkler ball I picked up at Walmart & sat back with our feet kicked up while they played.

My main point is that creating a special day for your kids doesn’t have to be expensive. It doesn’t have to be elaborate. Goodness, it doesn’t have to be planned ahead! The love & care you put into making something feel special is what creates the MAGIC for your kids! And when they see you enjoying it too, it will feel extra special!

*Not Sponsored, but thanks for the inexpensive, beautiful produce Walmart!

Special thanks to Christina for her beautiful photos! Check out her work on Instagram @photographyblullc and @houseofthehinnants

Now, time to RELAX!

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