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Our adorable Boo Boo Packs have so many possible uses for comfort & relaxation. Boo Boo Packs are filled with a mixture of natural flaxseed & dried lavender buds for aromatic relaxation. We chose flaxseed as our main filler for several reasons. Flaxseeds consist of 30-40% oil so they hold their temperature for a much longer amount of time than other, less expensive fillers. It is also neutral in odor, allowing the lavender to shine, even when heated & re heated hundreds of times. Our fillers are mixed in small batches to ensure the best ratio of flaxseed to lavender. Enjoy!

Rosie Boo Boo Pack

$12.00 Regular Price
$9.00Sale Price
  • Approximate size:

    Boo Boo Pack:  5" x 5"

    Spa Pack:  5" x 10"

    Comfort Pack: 10" x 10"

    Relax Pack:  5" x 21"

    Game Changer:  10" x 21"


    Before you - Just Relax Boo - Here are some tips...

    Your Just Relax Boo pack will stay fresh longer if stored in a zip-seal bag, like the one it is shipped in. Wink, wink. We recommend storing your Just Relax Boo pack in the freezer so it is always cool & ready when you need it.

    Warm it up:
    To use your Just Relax Boo pack warm, place it in the microwave for 30 seconds. Check the temperature, shake it around & if you need to warm it longer, just try 15-30 seconds at a time until you find the temperature that best suits your needs. Please use caution to not overheat your Just Relax Boo pack as you may damage it or injure yourself. Not recommended for warm use with young children under the age of 2. Please use adult supervision at all times when children are using a warmed Just Relax Boo pack. Boo boo packs should only be warmed up in 15 second increments. The larger Relax Pack & Game Changer can start out with a minute in the microwave.

    Cool Your Jets:
    If you store your Just Relax Boo packs in the freezer, they will always be ready to bring cooling comfort. We definitely recommend you keep them sealed in their plastic bags so they don't absorb freezer smells that would overpower the lavender buds.

    Liken unto a mother’s kiss, our boo boo pack will fix any child’s woe. No joke. Just say, “Go get a boo boo pack” & voila! The secret to their magic: Just Relax Boo packs aren’t shockingly freezing like ice cubes & by the time the coolness fades, your little has forgotten why it even was needed. You too will enjoy the comforting cold of the Just Relax Boo packs & how they conform to your body.

    To clean your Just Relax Boo packs, SURFACE WIPE ONLY with a slightly damp cloth. Your Just Relax Boo packs CANNOT be submerged in water or placed in a washing machine. If your lavender smells seems to be fading, just crunch up the pack to break up the lavender buds and activate the relaxing natural scent. 

    Other possible uses: weighted comfort, hand warmers, drawer sachets, lavender relaxation, really fancy door stop, just cause they're cute...They make great gifts too!

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