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Did you know you can heat your JRB packs without a microwave?

We know not everyone has a microwave or likes to use it regularly, so I wanted to share some alternative ways to warm up your Just Relax Boo packs. Please always BE CAREFUL when heating your JRB packs so they don't catch on fire!!

Here are 3 new alternative ways to heat your packs:

* Place your JRP pack in an oven safe dish & put the dish into a COOL (non preheated) oven. Turn the oven on & heat to 200*. Take the dish out after 5 minutes and shake your pack around. Place it back in the dish and return it to the oven in 2 minute increments until it reaches desired temp, shaking around each time you check it. Relax & enjoy!

* You can also use a dry iron to warm your pack. Place pack on an ironing board. Make sure your iron is set on a medium temp with NO STEAM and use as you normally would. Rotate and shake pack around often while ironing the surface until it reaches desired temp. Relax & enjoy!

* Another way I've warmed up my packs is on the stovetop. This method works best with smaller packs such as Boo Boo Packs, Spa Packs & Comfort Packs. I make sure my pan is clean & free from any oils & I place the pack completely inside the pan with no overhang. I don't want my pack to catch on fire from fabric sticking over the side! Use a low setting & stay with it because it wont take long. Turn & shake the pack regularly until it reaches the desires temp. Relax & enjoy!

Have you come up with a different way to warm up your packs? Please share in the comments below. We'd love to hear how you do it!

Blessings, Lisa Ward

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