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Is it a BOY or a GIRL? We DONUT know...til now!

I’ve kept you in suspense long enough! It’s time for the gender reveal!

Back story…

As soon as we shared with the kids that we were expecting another little Ward, Sophia’s wheels began to turn. She remembered the party we had to find out the gender of Emma & wanted to do something fun this time around too. Jon & I knew the gender already & thought it would be fun to share with with our kids & friends by popping a big grey balloon containing confetti. Little did everyone know that we had also already chosen Emma’s name & included in the pink confetti was little name confetti spelling “Emma”. That was so fun.

Sophia’s idea was for us to get a box of donuts & open the lid to reveal to the kids the color icing so they would know if it was a boy or a girl. I had some other ideas in mind, but in the end, hers stuck with me & we went for it. I had an idea in my head for how I wanted the reveal pics to look & I searched Pinterest because obviously, someone has done this before & I can show my photographer exactly what I had in mind. Well, much to my surprise, there was NOTHING resembling the images in my head. Seriously??? It’s just donut frosting! Good thing my favorite photographer, Christina Hinnant, of Photography Blu, is my creative counterpart & knew exactly was I was thinking because she NAILED IT.

So we took some fun family pics before opening the box of donuts that Christy from Remi's made especially for us...

We made these cute little t-shirts to represent their guesses. Sophia wanted it to be a boy but thought it would be a girl so she went with pink. Emma has declared from day one that its a girl, no doubt! Nathan wanted a boy for a "roommate" so badly & Bella wanted a baby brother.

Jon & I knew the gender already but the kids literally COULD NOT WAIT to open that box to see!

Here we go....

Its a.....


Nathan cheered, "I get a roommate!" & Emma was in disbelief. LOL

It was the prefect day, the perfect surprise & the perfect way to celebrate our growing family with our kids! Here's a little video we made of the other fun. Sophia picked the "rock music".

Thank you Remi's Minis for helping us celebrate!! We love you guys & the donuts were perfect & delicious as always!

Thank you to Christina Hinnant, of Photography Blu, who made this experience such a beautiful memory we will remember always through these gorgeous photos! You totally captured my vision!

Due end of February 2020. Name still TBD.

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I love all the photos! So sweet. Congrats on baby boy! 💙


Thanks for all the "Congratulations" wishes!!!

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