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Meet the Just Relax Boo Crew

Hi! I’m Lisa, the mom-preneur behind Just Relax Boo! This is me & my Just Relax Boo crew. I have 4 awesome interns who love to help in the creative process, organizing, packaging, & anything that relates to being with me in my workspace. We homeschool, so my crew is my priority but about 6mo ago I felt a tug on my creative heart. It was the familiar longing for a “thing” for me...a creative outlet that would allow me to express the God-given part of my nature that just has to get out somehow. I prayed about it and my first question was actually “God, if it’s ok for me to have a thing, what do you want that thing to be?” I certainly didn’t want to train wreck our relatively new homeschool experience or spin my wheels on something I tried to force. I knew both of those outcomes were possible if I were operating outside the Will of God. He laid upon my heart making hot/cold therapy packs with flaxseed & lavender buds. This was something my best friend Christy & I had done together about 10 years ago. I knew it would be doable with the available time I had so I started brainstorming a plan. I was blown away by how “the plan” just came together and all the pieces seemed to be falling perfectly into place. I know for certain this is because God was in control. It was not of me & that’s the very reason I handed over the reigns from the get-go. This is HIS business & I’m the hands to do it. I believe that’s the reason Just Relax Boo has been able to touch so many people & help make a positive impact in their lives. I’m truly in awe of the product testimonials I hear from people saying “my son was miserable & your boo boo pack brought relief” or “I get migraines & nothing helps but a cold spa pack ended it immediately & helped me sleep.” You guys, things like that bring tears to my eyes. I’m so blessed to be in a position to help others. Thanks for allowing me into your lives & for following me on this still NEW journey! So much has happened in just 6 months & I can’t wait to see where this dream takes me!! Hopefully, God has a booth at Magnolia's Spring at the Silos in Waco, TX in my future. That is my next big dream!

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